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Musical Tesla Coil

Musical Tesla Coil

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Unleash the Power of Music with The Musical Tesla Coil!

Prepare to be amazed as science and music collide in a symphony of electrifying wonder! Our Musical Tesla Coil is not just a gadget—it's a mesmerizing fusion of art, science, and entertainment that's sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

With its seamless Bluetooth connection, you can effortlessly stream your favorite tunes and watch in awe as the arc of the tesla coil pulsates and dances to the rhythm of the music. Experience the thrill of seeing lightning energy concentrated in clusters, illuminating the room in a dazzling display of sound and light.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Our Tesla Coil isn't just a novelty—it's also a powerful tool for learning and exploration. With its wireless transmission capabilities and speaker function, it's the perfect companion for fun science experiments and physics demonstrations. Watch as neon lights come to life and lightning crackles at your fingertips, sparking curiosity and inspiring a deeper understanding of the principles of electricity.

Designed for simple and safe operation, our Tesla Coil requires no grounding or complicated audio cable connections. Simply plug it in, adjust the power settings, and watch as the lightning arc gradually grows larger, synchronized perfectly to the beat of the music. It's a creative and engaging way to learn about science while having a blast in the process.

Whether placed horizontally or vertically, our Tesla Coil doubles as a cool desktop toy and art decoration, sure to spark conversation and curiosity wherever it goes. Witness the delight and surprise on people's faces as they marvel at this strange and fascinating device that emits lightning with every pulse of music.


Product Size:17.3*11.5*9.5CM

Product weight: 0.52kg

Body material: transparent acrylic

Music transmission mode: Bluetooth, AUX audio input

Input voltage: 48V

Discharge frequency: 5~50hz (lightning mode)

Arc length: 0~8cm


1, install the discharge pin and screw it onto the fixing hole;

2、Plug the power supply into the host;

3, Insert the socket, connect the power supply and the host, and then the power supply is energized to run;

4、Use your cell phone to search for Bluetooth and connect to play music in music mode (please adjust the volume of your cell phone to the maximum when playing music, and turn up the energy knob)


1、Do not work close to flammable and explosive substances

2, to avoid the arc hit other electronic equipment

3、Be careful not to be poked by the discharge needle

4, minors need to be used under adult supervision

5、Don't place anything on the panel of the host to avoid high temperature damage to the shell.

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