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Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

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Safeguard against privacy intrusion.

Equipped with infrared sensors, RF antenna, and 600nm long-pass filter, our hidden camera detector offers comprehensive protection against unauthorized surveillance.

Here are some key features:

External Observation of Red Light Reflection: The detector allows for external observation of red light reflection, enabling you to quickly identify hidden cameras that may be recording or monitoring your surroundings.

Full Frequency Signal Detection: With full frequency signal detection capabilities, our detector can identify and locate a wide range of surveillance devices, including hidden cameras, audio bugs, and GPS trackers. It scans for signals across multiple frequencies to ensure thorough coverage and maximum protection.

Traffic Signal Detection: Our detector goes beyond traditional scanning methods by detecting hidden cameras that may be sending WiFi signals. This advanced feature allows you to pinpoint the exact location of hidden cameras that may be covertly transmitting data over WiFi networks.

With its user-friendly interface and compact design, our hidden camera detector is perfect for professionals, travelers, and anyone concerned about protecting their privacy. Stay one step ahead of eavesdroppers and covert surveillance


Battery: Built-in 200 mAh lithium battery

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