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Gamepad Controller for Android/Apple

Gamepad Controller for Android/Apple

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Gaming on the go 

Your passport to a world of gaming excitement right at your fingertips, designed to seamlessly connect with both Apple and Android phones.

With its innovative stretch design, this gamepad controller offers a comfortable grip that adapts to the size of your device, ensuring a secure fit for smartphones of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're gaming on an iPhone or an Android device, the Stretch Gamepad Controller provides a snug and ergonomic hold for hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

Equipped with responsive buttons, triggers, and joysticks, this controller delivers a console-like gaming experience on your mobile device. Immerse yourself in your favorite games with precision control and smooth, lag-free performance.

But the Stretch Gamepad Controller is more than just a gaming accessory - it's a versatile tool for enhancing your mobile experience. From navigating through menus to controlling multimedia playback, this controller adds convenience and functionality to your smartphone usage.

Compact and portable, this Gamepad Controller is the perfect companion for gaming on the go!


Connection: Bluetooth

Compatibility: Apple and Android

Product weight: 168g

Product size: 85mm x 42mm x 208mm

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