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Finger Surfboard

Finger Surfboard

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Get Ready to Ride the Waves!

Embrace the thrill with mini finger surfboards! Similar to finger skateboards, these surfboarding cousins offer a unique opportunity to hone your skills, whether hanging out of a car window or cruising in the gusts of a high-speed fan.

Exercise Fingers: Our toy finger surfboards are not just toys; they're tools for honing finger coordination, enhancing motor skills, and igniting creativity! Perfect for sports enthusiasts and fingerboard aficionados alike, these boards promise endless fun and skill development.

Surfing Knows No Bounds: With our fingerboards, the waves are always within reach, no beach required. Whether in a car or in front of a powerful fan, you can catch waves anytime, anywhere.

The Perfect Gift for Adventurers: Whether for boys, girls, adults or friends, these mini surfboards make for an exciting gift. Ideal for entertaining the family on long road trips, they promise endless hours of fun and adventure!


Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 10*3cm | 3.93x1.18in

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