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Deer Whistle for Cars

Deer Whistle for Cars

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Your silent guardian on the road.

Designed to help prevent collisions with wildlife, this simple yet effective device emits a high-frequency sound that alerts deer and other animals to the presence of your vehicle.

Easy to install and discreet in design, the Deer Whistle attaches securely to your car's grille or bumper, ready to provide added protection during your travels. Its ultrasonic sound is inaudible to humans but serves as a warning signal to nearby wildlife, giving them time to safely retreat from the road.

Whether you're driving through rural areas, forests, or countryside, the Deer Whistle acts as your vigilant companion, reducing the risk of accidents and helping to protect both wildlife and passengers.

Stay safe on the road and minimize the chances of deer-related collisions!


Material: ABS Plastic + Acrylic Adhesive

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