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2D Backpack

2D Backpack

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Backpacks just entered another dimension.

From a distance or when viewed from behind, this backpack appears to be a two-dimensional drawing, creating a striking visual illusion that turns heads. But upon closer inspection, you'll discover that it's a fully functional and practical backpack, complete with ample storage space and comfortable straps for everyday use!

As a gift, the 2D Backpack is sure to leave a lasting impression, bringing joy and wonder to recipients of all ages. Its whimsical design makes it a delightful present for friends, family, or anyone with an appreciation for the unexpected. Plus, kids will adore the playful illusion, turning their everyday carry into a fun and imaginative accessory that sparks creativity wherever they go.

Make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd with this illusionary 2D Backpack - a true masterpiece that blurs the lines between art and functionality. 


Main Material: Cotton Fabric

Lining Material: SPANDEX

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